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The Market Research Solution Dedicated to Brand Licensing.

BrandE3 means focus on Experience, Expectation and Extension of a brand.


Custom market research is a step in the right direction

New products and services are hitting the shelves at a rapid pace in today’s market, so it’s crucial for any company to understand how to increase sales and gain new opportunities.
Consumers, empowered by social networks and digital devices, increasingly want to engage with brands. They influence, recommend or criticise products and brands, demanding a more personalised experience, and expecting the opportunity to shape the products and services they buy and love.
Brand licensing is a great commercial tool for Intellectual Property owners, for manufacturers, for retailers. It‘s growing exponentially, used in a wide range of ways to accomplish a host of important goals for companies.
Knowledge is always key to success: uncover data and facts that provide strategic and creative direction drives decision-making.
We have developed a research tool dedicated to brand licensing that uses a combination of techniques including qualitative and quantitative research, and advanced statistics.

Identify what connects a brand to consumers

Ipsos and Movantia help you build stronger brand licensing opportunities in today’s increasingly complex world: BrandE3 specializes in addressing issues related to reputation, innovation, perception and performance of a brand, market understanding and path to purchase.
It’s a custom research solution that helps IPs owners define their marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, develop new goods and services, discover what the target audience perceives. Explore the feelings and perception of target audiences in multiple countries, in order to deepen your understanding of how a brand is performing or how it can perform in a certain category of products. Identify the insights that connect a brand with consumers. Check which brand is suitable for a category or a product, ensuring that it’s contributing to the correct positioning of your company and the expectations of customers. Compare it with other brands to investigate and understand the emotional and rational brand perception. Get the information you need and develop your strategy.

Ipsos delivers information and analysis that makes our complex world easier and faster to navigate, inspiring clients to make smarter decisions.

Movantia helps companies understand and reach their target audiences, strengthen brands, develop products and services, grow their businesses and innovate.